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FWH Replacement Projects/Specifications

As co-authors of EPRI Publication GS-6913 - "Feedwater Heaters: Replacement Specification Guidelines" and "Closed FWH for Power Generation";  Powerfect has literally written the book on Feedwater Heater Replacements. We have written Replacement Feedwater Heater Specifications for customers all across the United States and Canada, both Nuclear and Fossil Applications.



We can write specifications for all types of Feedwater Heaters: High Pressure + Low Pressure, Horizontal + Vertical, and go above and beyond just the HEI and TEMA standards. We are experts in feedwater heater tubing and can customize your specification for the state of the art in tube materials, including Type 439 SS, Type 304 SS, T-22 and many others


Our Customer List Includes:

Midwest Generation
Exelon Nuclear
Energy Northwest
Dominion Energy
Arizona Public Service
US PowerGen
Sask Power
South Texas Project
NAES Corporation


Not only can we write your next FWH Specification, we see the project through to completion, Including performing the technical bid analysis, conducting Quality Control Inspections at the Manufacturer's Shop, and assisting in Performance Acceptance Testing in accordance with ASME PTC 12.1


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